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A Day in the Life

Is there anyone else who has slightly mysterious bruises?

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Would you love me if my name was "Vaginal Ooze"?
9 October
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Add me, and I'll add you back. Because I liked to be stalked. And so do you.

"If you don't see the point of the Midwest—well, never mind. If you have to ask, you'll never get it." - Erin McGraw in "Not From Here"

"Good writers always have beautiful hair." - Russian Ark (maybe the worst movie ever)

"The vamp is almost always dark-haired." - Playboy

"In this parade of stupid and dumb, I am the one twirling the flaming baton." – Lorelai in "Gilmore Girls"

June 6th, 2005: So, I looked at my info randomly tonight as I am wont to do–Do I need this to remind me who I am? I'm not sure.– and noticed that I had myself listed as a student of THE Ohio State University. And most days, I still believe that I am a student of THE Ohio State University. But the truth is that I graduated a year ago in June. In English. With a focus in creative writing. Honors. With a really sweetass G.P.A. And all I can think is that none of the really great writers, none of the really cool writers, went to college. And certainly none of them actually graduated.

I'm originally from the tiny town of Ashville, Ohio. I spent five years in the not-so-tiny-but-kind-of-not-big-but-still-awesome town of Columbus, Ohio. Now I've moved to New York City to "make something of myself". There will be pictures.

My Life's Greatest Pleasures:

• The clicking sound that crosswalk signs make when switching from Walk to Don't Walk.

• The idea of astronauts having to bat poop around with spatulas in outer space when it escapes from their fecal containment bags.

• The sound of the word repagination and the spelling of the word grotesque.

• Pronouncing words correctly. Interesting isn't "intresting" and probably isn't "probbly" when I say them.

• Most importantly, music. Specifically live shows. The kind that make you want to cry they're so good.

Dislikes:11: back hair, bad breath, having my butt fondled while i'm walking upstairs, mouth noises, mushrooms, not having well-formed opinions, people who purposely don't update their livejournals on weekends, people who re-post their weekend journal entries later on in the week, tomatoes, wearing clothes, wet jeans

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